Often, we get approached by different brand name tech hardware companies in order to persuade us to sell their equipment, have exclusive agreements, etc. Many times those deals could net us some serious cash by just signing. However, we know that it would mean we would be locked in to push stuff unto our clients that may not always be best for them. That doesn’t mean you should pay attention to brands, etc.. but there is soo much good tech out there and much of it is not something you would ever hear on tv or see an AD for.

We always evaluate each client’s case individually before we make hardware/software and other tech recommendations. In the end, we want to make sure that our clients get the best possible tech that they need at the best prices.

So if you have been feeling like your IT guy has been pushing stuff on you that feels overpriced, unnecessary and so on..give us a call. We’ll give you free eval and let you know what we think. You don’t even have to tell your IT guy:)