So as we all find ourselves in this new normal of the Covid-19 shut down as an MSP and an IT services provider we see some interesting things popping up all over the map.
First, the organizations that are dealing with the changes better than others are the once that have been investing in new technology and not focused on gutting their IT costs as a primary objective, now as the troubled times hit, they have recouped their investment several times over, this is real people. If you work with a technology provider that’s focused on your successes and not on trying to push whatever kind of products they have signed up as a reseller on you should probably listen to them, it will pay off in the long-run, I promise.

Second, as less prepared organizations scramble to shift their technology and people to a new normal we ofter hear, “Well Bob here says we can use Astrid to forward our phones to our laptops as we work from home, and he can do it for free” Several issues here, “Asterisk” being the least of problems, while solutions like FreePBX and the likes are great and have been around for years, they are not ideal for everyone. Just because its free does not make it right for you. And getting to the bottom of this “Bob’s time” setting up the patchworked solutions and then trying to maintain it as users have issues calling due to things needing to be patchworked with apps, etc will end up costing more than a robust, mature cloud PBX. Which are not all that expensive by the way.

As the world is forced to jump on the “working remotely” bandwagon there are thousands of people and businesses around the globe who have done that successfully for a long time, all while cutting costs and increasing features.

It’s never too late to start, contact us today and we will give you a free eval and some suggestions on Technology Improvements which will actually SAVE you money and time!