True Next-Gen Web Security and Filtering for your organization!

At AK Group we provide powerful tools for educators to ensure that the technology deployed at your school or district is fully protected and is calibrated for maximum learning potential. We are experts in working with the latest solutions to ensure that your students have access to the best technology that has common sense limits.

Here are some highlights of our solutions when it comes to Web Filtering and Security for our EDU Clients:

  • Extend CIPA compliance via the cloud for any student on any device

  • Eliminate the cost and hassle of managing multiple products to secure students when at home versus at school
  • Reduce cost by leveraging the cloud solution that scales infinitely as bandwidth increases
  • Granular reporting for any user, on any device, anywhere
  • Safe access to Google, Youtube and social media beyond safe search
  • Secure devices on or off campus to seamlessly support one to one initiatives

Secure student Internet access on any device, from any location, in the cloud

We are next-generation web filtering provider. We work with iBoss and provide on-premise, hybrid and all cloud web filtering and security.

With hourly security report feeds from some of the most prominent players in the Information Technology Security Space: