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We began with a simple notion that technology should make our lives easier… and…we have been working with our clients ever since on un-complicating their lives all over the place. Be it a small printing issue on a personal laptop or a server problem that brought business to a halt we have been there for our clients through it all.

We believe that you don’t have to be a computer engineer to do the things you want on your Mac or PC, so we educate our clients and empower them to learn and become more effective in using technology assets at their disposal. With each client we create a roadmap of goals and work through to solve the problems that they may have.
While selecting technologies and various business infrastructures we look for the most robust, cost-effective and viable, long-term solutions. To help with this process we deploy highest quality personnel. We also believe that speaking the same “language” is important, so our partners are skilled at effective communication throughout the time spent with clients.

AK Group LLC employs high caliber specialists that can offer cutting edge solutions. Our partners hold advanced degrees in business, finance, economics, arts, information systems and much more. We also tap into vast resources of multinational dedicated workforce located throughout the world.

We provide solutions across the globe, focusing on North America we also work with clients in Eastern Europe and Asia. We have experience working in various business sectors and have significant experience with small-medium business. Specifically our client portfolio includes law offices, medical clinics, financial and accounting firms, real-estate agencies as well as some retail clients.

Our web strategy is simple, we tailor all of our web services to fit your specific needs. We work with all of our clients to place them with the services and support that they may need. Thus, our pricing varies dramatically. Our monthly fees range from $15.99/mo for some clients to upwards of $180/mo. Most of our web services include continued support and managed server monitoring so that you can focus on your business and let us do what we do best.

Although we do not provide a “portfolio” of our work we are happy to direct you to where you can see the quality of our past and ongoing projects when you talk to us. For all of the web projects that we work with, we deploy the latest in web technologies as well as infrastructures. We contract with Amazon Web Services and other Tier4 data center providers such as One and One Internet, United Internet and Level3.

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