Message to our customers: As of right now we stand ready to support changes in your operations. Please send a message to help@akgroup.net or call us at 269-235-9123 if you have any questions, concerns or issues. Our response time remains to be minutes, and we are committed to supporting you 100%.


We are conveniently positioned to help organizations in mid-market to leverage their existing IT budgets ensuring maximum output for their spending.

Contact us or message us today to see how we can help your organization to take charge of your infrastructure today!

  • Cloud Services – We provide all sorts of cloud stuff!
  • Mobile Management – corporate and education, we help with all of it!
  • Single sign-in – we make all your apps work!
  • Disaster recovery – lost some data? We can help!
  • Access from anywhere – remote access and support for all your IT!
  • Real-time backups – true cloud backup solutions!


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Our solutions


Brand Name Selling?

Often, we get approached by different brand name tech hardware companies in order to persuade us to sell their equipment, have exclusive agreements, etc. Many times those deals could net us some serious cash by just signing. However, we know [...]

We work with many different schools across Southwest Michigan. Small – Large and everything in between. Contact us today to see how we can make your tech work. Go ahead, compare us against your current IT provider:)

We do VoIP that simply works. No hassles, no weird pricing schemes, no long-term contracts and no nonsense. We have VoIP that can fit a small business with one or two lines, to organizations that need hundreds extensions, we have you covered!

Networking is not that hard; we set things up properly from the beginning, do not overcomplicate networks with unnecessary and clunky equipment. Go ahead talk to us about what you have right now and we most likely will save you money and time!



We are an information technology provider for Southwest Michigan. We service Benton Harbor, St Joseph, Grand Rapids, Muskegon and more just to name a few.
We have an excellent track record with our clients and work with a variety of sized organizations. From small business to clients with daily usage peaking at thousands of devices, we can make your technology work for you!

We provide managed technology services to schools and educational organizations across Southwest Michigan. We are E-Rate provider and can make sure you are maximizing your budgets and are able to scale.

Sensible Technology Solutions for Everyday!

AK Group LLC



  • 1101 Broad Street, Suite #315 St Joseph, MI 49085
  • info@akgroup.net